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Homeowners can take advantage of grants for greener homes

 The Government of Canada is offering homeowners the Canada Greener Homes Grant to help curb greenhouse gas emissions. The Canada Greener Homes Grant will help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and fight climate change.

You can recommend these eligible retrofits under the grant to your customers:

  •          Home insulation - up to $5,000
  •          Attic/ceiling insulation
  •          Exterior wall insulation
  •          Exposed floor
  •          Basement/foundation insulation
  •          Crawlspaces
  •          Air-sealing - up to $1,000
  •          Windows and doors - each window / door is eligible for either $125 or $250
  •          Thermostats - up to $50 (must be combined with another retrofit)
  •          Space and water heating - up to $5,000
  •          Ground Source Heat Pumps
  •          Air and Cold Climate Heat Pumps
  •          Heat Pump Water Heaters (max $1000)
  •          Renewable energy - up to $5,000
  •          Resiliency measures - up to $1000 

Many building supply companies are also taking a proactive approach to providing consumers with innovative green material options.

Here are three great examples of the latest product innovations:

  1.  Owens Corning recently announced its latest advancement: PINK NEXT GEN™ FIBERGLAS® insulation. Featuring advanced fibre technology, this insulation solution enables up to 23% faster installation compared to their existing products. The advanced fibre technology of PINK NEXT GEN™ FIBERGLAS® creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibres to form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. It's made with 100% wind-powered electricity, recycled content and is GREENGUARD certified for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  1. Green roofs – Green roofs, or living roofs, are becoming popular in certain climates with homeowners. They are exactly what they sound like, mini gardens on a roof. They are excellent in managing water runoff, insulating a home, and putting oxygen back into the air. Sika recently became the North American leader in green roofs after acquiring American Hydrotech Inc. in the USA and its affiliate Hydrotech Membrane Corporation in Canada. Hydrotech is an experienced and highly regarded liquid membrane manufacturer and provider of full-system roofing and waterproofing solutions.
  1. Energy Efficient Windows – When choosing windows, look for certifications like the Energy Star program or BUILT GREEN program that meets strict energy and environmental standards.

There have been many innovations in recent years in energy-efficient windows. For example, All Weather Windows offers V-weld technology for the elements. Offering advanced structural integrity and virtually eliminating water and air leaks, V-weld enhances windows so that they can perform their very best. All Weather Windows is proud to be one of the first manufacturers in North America to launch the groundbreaking V-weld technology as part of their Apex window series. 

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